{09/12/2011}   i don’t understand
 by Paula Alexia Peterson on Friday, June 3, 2011 at 12:48am (a facebook note)

i don’t understand why i can sleep easily all day long but cry myself to sleep at night..

how others can assert themselves while i cannot.

how my best friends became far apart from me because of just one person who at the end turned out to be my worst nightmare.

how dreams can be shattered in one split second by someone evil..

how time flies so fast that i wish i can turn it back.

how  the people i wanted to spend every second with…now i feel a few minutes of time is too much to spare..i couldn’t stand too much questions..

why i can’t be understood…i’m hurting right now, things are not easy for a weakling like me..

How i can let go of something/ someone i couldn’t live without…

how words come out so easily when i’m hurting or i’m mad,and regret that i couln’t take it back..

how even though i know something is best for me, it still hurts just the same..

why i think erasing people from my life is easier than working things out..

why i made a promise despite knowing it would be hard for me to keep…

why i am still breathing when i’m no longer alive..

i don’t understand..


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