{09/12/2011}   i remember that You care

by Paula Alexia Peterson on Thursday, July 21, 2011 at 10:12pm

 When i think that i’m alone in the middle of the night….

When I just had an awful dream and i’m shivering with fright.

I am on bed alone and scared, wondering if anyone care.

Looking into my heart, I always find you there.


Sometimes life is just too hard, I had to get away…

I need someone to talk to,who will listen to what I say.

Someone who will let me know, someone  will always be there.

When I can’t find someone, I remember that you care.


When there is nowhere else to go, I can always come to you.

You promised that you’ll be there each time i needed you.

I’m sure I can find You if i take the time for prayer.

When the whole world seem to hate me, I remember that you care.


Great post! Thank you!

Thank you and my pleasure..

thank you for taking your time to read..

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