{15/01/2012}   your choice…

Image by danielito311 via Flickr

Virginity is something most women hold special.   I was brought up by my parents, especially my mom, with good values. I was taught  that staying “pure” or a virgin was important, not just because of my Christian upbringing but also because of other repercussions; psychologically, physically, mentally, spiritually and sociologically.

Even at this modern age, no matter how sophisticated, how open and how vulgar the world is, there are still lot people (be it a guy or a gal) that holds on and promise to “give it” after marriage.   What drove me to write this post are those words…” i will give it to you” ….  Virginity which is hold dear, is something to be given away.  Something that is given to that someone who you feel deserve it whenever you are ready , and that is for some, after marriage.

Yes, others wait for so long for someone to give it to them… and other’s waited for so long for someone to give it to.   It’s sad though for some… it was taken away from them…

Everyone has a first time.  But when you’re on the “giving” side of it , you would  imagine there are  few things to consider or be paranoid or anxious about, why should sex have consequences?  Well, because it does. Whether you wait until marriage or you don’t, sex has consequences, they can be good or bad. –    you can get an STD, you can enhance your relationship with your partner, there are body changes when you have sex whether you believe or not, and you can have an unexpected pregnancy.   That feels already like a weirdly heavy dose of responsibility.  But what’s to stop people from doing it?  Provided they are of appropriate age and get along well and all that.

No one should be  judged on the decision of whether or not they wait for sex.  Women and men should not be judged at all.

If men and women are being promiscuous then men and women are being promiscuous.  Men are not cool or more manly,  women are not sluts or less feminine.

I just think that  purity does have it’s benefits, whether we chose a life that adhere to that or  chose not to…it is our choice to make…

your choice to make, not mine.


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