{01/02/2012}   we are like parallel lines…

 Two different languages, time zones, continents, and cultures.  Sometimes, I am surprised we made it this far….we were the exact opposite of each other.   Our simple talks will usually end up to misunderstandings but somehow, we always find some ways to win each other back.

This relationship went from normal distance relationship, to long distance relationship, to medium distance relationship,  and soon to long distance relationship again… The distance may suck, but in the time apart,  I fall in love with him more and more each and every day.  I love thinking about him.  He makes me happy.    When you love someone,  you want to be with him/her whenever you can.  But when you can’t be together because of distance and circumstances,  you cherish those moments that much more because you don’t know when you’ll see each other.

Yes,  since the start of this relationship we wished to see and meet each other.  Distance was not much of a problem but most of the times it’s the circumstances.  There seem to be a strong  unknown force that stops us from being together.     Every time things were set for us to meet – something happens.   Granny’s sudden death on April, he’s flight home after plan A-E on May, that incident that leads to all these since day 1 of June,  the typhoon,  Lola Mamang… and so on….Things had not been that easy for us.   There was a time that  I said, we are like parallel lines….we won’t meet.   But there were dad’s words to console- ” Parallel lines may not meet, but they can be close, side-by-side, together.”

We just hold on to believing that someday we will be together… because we’re meant to be together, that’s our fate, our destiny…


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