{15/02/2012}   L O V E

How would you define love?

To me, love is being seperated and yet, nothing changes. It’s when you still get those butterfly feelings even after so much time together.

It’s when the other consumes all of your thoughts, everything you do seems to involve him/her somehow.

 Love is fighting and being angry, but when it’s all over with, you’ve only grown stronger and nothing has changed.

It’s when all you want is to be with that person, and how they feel and their needs are before your own.

 It’s when you would do absolutely anything for that person without expecting the same in return.

Love is being best friends with no secrets between each other.

It’s when you picture your future, they are right there with you.

It’s when the smallest of things can put a smile on your face and be something you’ll always remember.

 It’s when you can do absolutely anything with them or around them and are just so comfortable its kinda crazy.

Love is more than sex, its more than constantly telling each other you love each other. 

Love is based on friendship, and that is the most important thing of it all.

But most of all, love can’t be defined. It’s something you can just feel and when you try and explain it, you don’t even scrape the surface of how incredible it really is.


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