{15/02/2012}   needle pricks seems like mosquito bites
  • Dang it Dengue!

    For  few days I had  Dengue like symptoms- fever, rashes, headache , diziness, muscle pain and tummy ache . Every bone and muscle hurts and I have had the most pounding headaches, mixed with the worse fever ever. It all started monday night, when out of nowhere i had the most intense fever and chills and went straight to bed.  I was brought to St. John Hospital on the eve of February 9  to confirm I have dengue.  First of all, bringing me  in a hospital is an interesting challenge to my mom and for all those who knows me,  i really hate or shall I say fear being there.   Luckily my boyfriend had to scare me on things like this one could be fatal… (and this might end up losing me- of course I don’t want that!)

  • After a lot of  waiting, questioning and checking…… there comes the blood testing – I really fear this needle thing …  With all the shaking, cold sweats and tears, they got  what they need- blood.  Mosquitoes  bit me and  sucked  my blood that’s why I’m here and here’s another blood sucking thing … Ouch!!!

  •   Another hour or two of waiting then I was told not only do I have dengue but my blood platelet levels are very low at 80000   they told me the normal (i forgot) but remembered a nurse told me that anything under 150000 is bad.   The doctor advised me to be admitted, but I  insisted  I was better and I have to go again tomorrow morning and do the re test, and hope it’s not any lower.

  • I was told that there is no cure for this and  just have to keep the fever down, stay hydrated and try to eat. My appetite comes and goes but I will force feed myself before being put in the hospital. 🙂  But there goes mom’s look as if she’s gonna eat me and her words-  ALEXIA don’t be too hardheaded!  Do you think I could ever sleep with you at home with the idea that anytime something can happen to you?.   Before she can utter another word I agreed to be admitted. Whew! 

  • Yep, I got Dengue Fever and let me tell you the last few days have not been fun.   I feel like a freight train has hit me over and over.  I hate being  in the hospital.  I hate needles , but with this, i had to be pricked and tested every now and then.  I hate this, as if these mosquito and needles have the blood sucked out of me .
    Since there is no cure for dengue they gave me Paracetamol to help control my fever and dextrose( another needle prick)  for hydration. Everyday since Monday,  I wake up with an exploding headache and aching joints.

  • February 10, I thought i felt better today but mind over matter is not working and dengue is still kicking my ass.   I had nose bleeding, mom became panicky, she was told that worst of Dengue and yes, fatal is the Hemorrhagic one.    But I told them it’s nothing because nose bleeding is ordinary to me.  Still, I have been monitored for other source or any other bleeding that may occur.  Blood testing continued, like from 80,000 down to 55, 000.  It’s supposed to last anywhere from 5-7 days as they say , so let’s hope this is over soon, because I would really like to get back home!  

  • More than enough fluid intake and the dextrose did really help.  It was not until the afternoon of Saturday that my platelet started to rise up.   But still, these needle prick is not over yet until It rise up to 105,000 and I was too bored having no network signal in my room, I requested to be sent home.  Luckily I was sent home late afternoon of Sunday. 


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