{11/04/2012}   to those who struggle, to those who feel like giving up….
You are worth so much more than what your mind tries to convince you.

You are so much more beautiful than the lie you see when you look in the mirror.

You are deserving of so much more kindness than the painful words that have been spoken to you from the mouths of people who were supposed to be your friends.

You are infinitely valuable & deserving of so much more than you let yourself believe.

I pray you will see it soon, & I pray that you will never, ever forget it.

I pray every day of your life you will be reminded of your own value, your own incredible purpose for being here.

It’s critical that you know how unbelievably precious you really are, and that you know it right now. You are loved. Fight this for those who love you, but above all, fight for yourself, because




fighting for….



*thank you, jessica…




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