{14/04/2012}   a re-post from a victim

I see rape jokes on a blog site.

Why do people  think rape is something to joke about?

Stop and think of the person raped.

Do you even know what that feels like?

You feel disgusting, you feel used, you feel dirty.

Sometimes you even feel like it’s your fault.

Sometimes you feel like life is not even worth living anymore.

Sometimes you end up pregnant.

You never knew how it feels being threatened and harassed by rapist’s friends and family. You never knew the feeling of being laughed at, exposed and being called a liar.

Keeping  feelings,  inconsistencies,  emotional build up a secret serves most victims  good.   Although it is unhealthy,  and it would only serve to further degrade  existence further than even waking up with a guy inside one’s vagina that YOU DID NOT give consent for.   It is still the victims choice whether to keep it a secret.  To choose the persons she wanted to open up.

And why on blogs?    Because, awkwardly enough, there  had  been more support and friendship and clarity from people  you have  never even  met through  blogs than those you have had in real life.   And on top of that-  you have the option to cover up your identity as most people do.

F*cking think before you post on a joke or even talk about the person herself…


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