True Love

It took me almost a day to think about what to say…. How often does one decide that he/she have actually fallen in love with another?   What is the emotional trigger within oneself that decides that he/she will do everything humanly possible to make sure the other person is happy? For some it is instantaneous, for others it takes time but for everyone, once they have fallen in love, it is a realisation that there is no one thing in the entire universe that you want more than that other person.

I will fall in love again at the right time… but this time, i want someone who will do anything to make me happy. Because I would definitely do anything for him.  I want to be the only person he wants to talk to each day, because he will probably be the only person I would ever want to really talk to anyways. I want someone who wants me just as much as I want him, or maybe even just a little bit more.  I want to have someone totally exclusive To be committed.  I do not want to have to compete with other people. I do not want to have to prove myself for him to pick me. I should not have to be an option. I want someone who puts in as much effort into being with me. Someone who will meet me halfway.  Someone who will stay up late talking to me, even though we are both dead tired…but still. Someone who will make me feel i am different from anyone else… that I am special.  That I am not just another person being added on into his life  and someone he will just forget and let go with the blink of an eye. Someone who will be here for me in my time of need, to comfort me,  for support, for security, in times of joy, trouble and pain. Someone who will help make our relationship work and last.Not just make promises but keeps it…. Will show me that love is not cliche,  it is not a joke. Someone who will prove to me that True Love is REAL.

I know that people do not decide to fall in love. It just happens. I never decided to fall in love… It just happened before. How? I don’t know.  What I know is someday the right person will come. I will again fall in love…. and I know when that right person comes…I am ready.

“When you fall in love, stay in love & make it the reason to live”


DOUBT is a number one problem that will shake a relationship. How can you say you love someone if you doubt him? How can you be assured of your partner’s love if he in turn doubts you?

Love is Truth. If you love someone, you must be true and open to that person from the start. However, 
it’s sad to know many people are afraid to be open – for fear of being rejected. This has created problems when the partner finds out that the other wasn’t honest. It is always important to be truthful to your partner to remove doubts.

It is important to communicate constantly with one another to build trust. And if mistakes have been made, it is also equally important to say it and believe in the love of the other. Inconvenienced being marriage troubles like hiding mistakes will not solve the problem but even create one.

WORRIES is another element that can shake a relationship. If you’re worried all the time, this will affect your partner and the atmosphere between you and the family. The purpose in marriage is to have a peaceful and harmonious relationship. Therefore, the opposite of worry is peace.

It is important to discuss what you are worried about with your spouse because he or she might be able to help, comfort or solve whatever is bothering you.

Don’t put the burden on you by trying to solve all the problems by yourself.

FEAR of making mistakes and failures in marriage can also shake the relationship. We have heard spouses who are afraid to share their mistakes because they may get rejected or even to the point of getting punished. Why is that so?

Perhaps from the start, they were not able to build a strong relationship of openness with one another. Where there is love between two spouses, there should be no fear. However due to human nature, even if fear may arise, love can go beyond inconvenienced being marriage troubles in order to maintain the relationship with the assurance of forgiveness from the love of the other.

One important way to help to overcome doubts, worries and fears is prayer. With prayer, one’s faith and love will be strengthened.

Then keep yourself busy with good activities. Continue to love the person next to you, perhaps your spouse or your children or a neighbor. This way, you will forget about yourself.

Read good and positive books to remove negative thoughts and be surrounded by happy and positive friends who share happy thoughts.

Doubts, worries and fear truly shake a relationship. They may not disappear overnight but what is important is to make that decision to overcome these inconvenienced being marriage troubles that can damage your relationship because definitely you would want to have a happy and peaceful marriage.

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{27/04/2012}   almost doesn’t count


Almost made you love me
Almost made you cry
Almost made you happy, baby
Didn’t I didn’t I
You almost had me thinkin’
You were turned around
But everybody knows
Almost doesn’t count

Almost heard you saying
You were finally free
What was always missing for you, baby
You’d found it in me
But you can’t get to heaven
Half off the ground
Everybody knows
Almost doesn’t count

I can’t keep on lovin’ you
One foot outside the door
I hear a funny hesitation
Of a heart that’s never really sure
Can’t keep on tryin’
If you’re looking for more
Than all that I could give you
Than what you came here for

Gonna find me somebody
Not afraid to let go
Want a no doubt be there kind of man
You came real close
But everytime you built me up
You only let me down
And everybody knows
Almost doesn’t count

Maybe you’ll be sorry
Maybe you’ll be cold
Maybe you’ll come runnin’ back, baby
From the cruel cruel world
Almost convince me
You’re gonna stick around
But everybody knows
Almost doesn’t count

So maybe I’ll be here
Maybe I’ll see ya around
That’s the way it goes
Almost doesn’t count

{10/04/2012}   …..

thank you to the song and the singer…..

I need love, love to ease my mind,
I need to find, find someone to call mine,
But mama said you can’t hurry love,
No you just have to wait,
She said love don’t come easy,
It’s a game of give and take.
You can’t hurry love,
No, you just have to wait,
You gotta trust, give it time,
No matter how long it takes;
But how many heartaches must I stand
Before I find a love to let me live again.
Right now the only thing that keeps me hanging on,
When I feel my strength, yeah, it’s almost gone,
I remember mama said,

You can’t hurry love,
No you just have to wait,
She said love don’t come easy,
It’s a game of give and take.
How long must I wait how much more can I take,
Before loneliness will ’cause my heart, heart to break?
No, I can’t bear to live my life alone.
I grow impatient for a love to call my own,
But when I feel that I, I can’t go on,
These precious words keeps me hanging on,
I remember mama said,

Can’t hurry love,
No you just have to wait,
She said love don’t come easy,
it’s a game of give and take.

You can’t hurry love,
No you just have to wait,
She said love don’t come easy,
It’s a game of give and take
No matter how long it takes.

No love, love don’t come easy,
But I keep on waiting, anticipating for that
Soft voice to talk to me at night,
For some tender arms to hold me tight.
I keep waiting; I keep on waiting,
But it ain’t easy, it ain’t easy when mama said

You can’t hurry love no,
You just have to wait,
She said trust, give it time
No matter how long it takes.

You can’t hurry love
You just have to wait,
She said love don’t come easy
It’s a game of give and take.

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{16/02/2012}   no words…

. There is no word for this kind of relationship; two people who don’t see each other,  but can make each other effortlessly happy.  This is a matter of choice….there may be a lot of guys i know and gals around you, still we choose each other that is thousand of miles away and yet, no regrets about it.

What I know and what other people always tell me is – I have to be mature to have a long distance relationship.  Funny thing is, when you get to know me, you’ll know I’m not mature, yet I am in a long distance relationship.

I hate the distance so much.  I really wished it wasn’t there.  I’d give just about anything to be able to see my boyfriend whenever I wanted.  I just still can’t though, and that’s just reality.

Sometimes I have to be careful though, because occasionally I can project my hate of the distance onto him.  I get angry and just upset at the fact that he can’t be with me, that he don’t have much time for me and I get mad at him, even though I know it’s not his fault.  Then most times there’s the wave of anxiety and paranoia.  That even trust is not enought to get rid of it.  So, irrational and immature at times but…

You know,  I do have my days where I think that being in a long distance relationship sucks and it’s pretty dang horrible.    But everytime I got a chance to talk to him, for some reason I’m really happy.   Thinking  on the ldr tag is making me depressed.    So I’m not going to think of  it.   I’m HAPPY.   Who the hell cares if  we still can’t see each other in another 2- 5 months?

We  know that there is a reason why it has still to be this way….                           The man that I’m going to spend my life with is working hard so that he can have enough  and we can start our life together. Instead of moping around and wishing I was with him (which I do) I should do something about it and stop my whining.

No matter what, I want you to know I am happy… I am happy that you’ve stayed.

From the day I fell in love with you, it never faded.   My love for you didn’t stop, even a single second of my life.  It flourished, and became more intense. Our relationship dug deeper, and grew stronger. From then on, I realized that it was you who I want to be with for the rest of my life. I vow to sing my life with you, and to love you. I want to live this world with you, no matter how cruel it is.  I want to be your wife, to be your best friend, your partner, your better half;  your everything.  I vow to be faithful to you, to be honest, and to lower down my pride for our pointless quarrels. I want to establish a family with you;  to reach your goals with me.  I vow to love you, according to what God said.  I won’t leave you at any cost.  You know how much I love you, and I will stay in love with you.   For more years to come….I LOVE YOU BABY!

 Two different languages, time zones, continents, and cultures.  Sometimes, I am surprised we made it this far….we were the exact opposite of each other.   Our simple talks will usually end up to misunderstandings but somehow, we always find some ways to win each other back.

This relationship went from normal distance relationship, to long distance relationship, to medium distance relationship,  and soon to long distance relationship again… The distance may suck, but in the time apart,  I fall in love with him more and more each and every day.  I love thinking about him.  He makes me happy.    When you love someone,  you want to be with him/her whenever you can.  But when you can’t be together because of distance and circumstances,  you cherish those moments that much more because you don’t know when you’ll see each other.

Yes,  since the start of this relationship we wished to see and meet each other.  Distance was not much of a problem but most of the times it’s the circumstances.  There seem to be a strong  unknown force that stops us from being together.     Every time things were set for us to meet – something happens.   Granny’s sudden death on April, he’s flight home after plan A-E on May, that incident that leads to all these since day 1 of June,  the typhoon,  Lola Mamang… and so on….Things had not been that easy for us.   There was a time that  I said, we are like parallel lines….we won’t meet.   But there were dad’s words to console- ” Parallel lines may not meet, but they can be close, side-by-side, together.”

We just hold on to believing that someday we will be together… because we’re meant to be together, that’s our fate, our destiny…


{01/02/2012}   the start…

Nearly 7 months of solitude, I chose to live my life just within the 4 corners of my room..this same room…haunted by the memories of my past.  I was in the status wherein I just do things I wanted within the confines of my room, staying depressed, hopeless, hurt, heartbroken, numb, alone, unable to move on…

I was living in the past, and I never used time to heal and move on…

Until that day,   and each day after January 31, 2011, my life started to change…  That day, this person that barely left my mind since then, came.   He had been a part of my daily routine. The first person I had in mind when I wake up and the last person in my mind before I sleep. Every day and night we communicate, we share thoughts, ideas, feelings, etc… Friendship, that was all he had to offer.  Both of us were mending broken hearts back then.  But those relationships were part of our pasts and we opted not to have much talk about it as much as possible.  I had a lot of issues to deal about and he was always there to listen and to give advice.   I don’t know but there was a lot I learned to what he have to say.  He’s someone that had lot of ideas;   ideas he consider silly and stupid most of the times, but for me, they’re actually not.   He also had a lot of problems, issues at work that he had to deal with…he opened up.  He told me his deepest secrets, painful memories and I was there to listen.  I never felt so helpless, I had nothing else to offer him but just staying to listen…..  As days passed by, simple thoughts of him automatically made me  smile that would be glued to my face for sometime.  I couldn’t help but daydream and thought of nothing but school will be over soon so that I can be home and we can again spend time together.  Our mobile phones were raining with messages and calls.

In few weeks, feelings grew more intense….thoughts of him, listening to his voice doesn’t just made me smile, my heart keeps on beating fast and I started to feel butterflies in my tummy.   Then I started to ask myself, ‘ is this LOVE i’m feeling again?’, if yes, “am I ready for this?’, ‘is he feeling the same?’ and a lot of  ’what if’s’….nevertheless, he has to know.     ‘I am falling in love to this man!!’.   He had the same feelings but he had to use his mind. He also had a lot of questions, hesitations- afraid of being hurt again.    A ‘long-distance-network-dependent- relationship?’– will it work?   But in spite of all the questions,heart over mind-mind over heart thing, scales of 1-10, doubts, fears, all the ‘what if’s ‘ we could ever think of, we jumped into this so called ‘relationship’.

Yeah, that’s how it all started.  A slow then strong intimate  harmony had been developed.   It’s funny how two people who were hurt by love found another love by accident,  how we “wasted” our time with others who didn’t appreciate us or it just didn’t work out.  But the awesome part is when you finally understand the universe’s plan and you start making the correct decisions with the correct people.   I just knew he is the ONE…..

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