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Hi, I’m so glad you found your way here and i’m ready to share a glimpse of myself to you.
My name is Paula Alexia Peterson. I am a listener- not much of a talker, i am a teacher – that finds lesson/s on everyday experiences, i was a traveler but these days – i would rather stay inside my room scribbling, filling up my diaries, listening to music, watching films, singing and doing some artworks. I love to swim,i have a great feeling being in any form/body of water (gives me the idea that i was a mermaid in my past life).
Other people may find me weird, crazy , selfish,jealous, hard headed, self-centered, will understand only those i wanted to understand, someone that dwells on my past- seeing it as a projection of my future. I wouldn’t try to prove they’re wrong because those are partly me. Yes, i am selfish on person or things that is rightfully mine that must not be shared, but i would love to share ideas, my thoughts , my time, and anything that would be of help to anyone.
I live on the values and the beliefs that my parents taught me, e.g. putting God at the center of anything i do, live by the golden rule, etc..
My aspiration is to help others find true happiness even in the simplest form.

You’ll see more of me by visiting my page once in a while. Thank you for dropping by.


lukas says:

Titanium head… 🙂

awwww!!! yeah, i forgot..i got a titanium head..thanks for reminding me , doc…

lukas says:


Kylie says:

Hey girl! I found your blog a couple months ago and was so happy that i did. I’ve been reading your stuff and a lot of what you say is close to my heart. if you’re interested or okay with it, i was wondering if i could email you and talk with you a bit. I don’t know if you might find talking to a someone you don’t know at all strange or anything, but I thought i’d just ask. 😉

p.s. You are a strong and beautiful girl! 🙂 never give up and keep on shining!

msalexia says:

Hi Kylie! Thank you for taking your time to read on my stuff…..yeah, i would be glad t hear and talk with you…..
I hope to hear from you soon…

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